Rotterdam Kralingen

Struisenbrugstraat 46

Jans Huisartsen’s first location is in Rotterdam Kralingen. There is free parking onsite, and a tram stops nearby. We are open every day from 8 AM – 5 PM.

Free parking
No waiting times
Available for emergency’s
Permanent team
Accessible by public transport


General practitioner
Dr. Robert Mol
General practitioner
Arianna Michieli
General practitioner
Susan Nourzad
Physician Assistant
Yüksel Barutcu
Mora Neustadt

Location information

When entering the site through the open gates, press the doorbell at number 46. Through the lobby there is a corridor on the left where you will find the elevator. Choose the button for the 2nd floor. From the elevator you immediately see our reception desk.

Need more information, have a (medical) question or just want to say ‘hi’? Feel free to contact us using our contact form or call us at 010-311 60 10.

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